Workshop Aura-soma and Mandala

Aura-Soma Workshop – 20 October

We are, in essence, beings of light or living energies. All matter is light vibrating at different frequencies. Human beings are, at the cellular level, biophotons, taking in and giving out light. Aura-Soma is a non-intrusive, self-selective colour therapy designed to facilitate the connection between our light being, the soul, and the light of our physical body.

In our workshop, we will create a safe and welcoming space from which we will embark on such a profound journey! Through a process of selecting from over one hundred possibilities the four Equilibrium bottles to which we are most drawn, we will learn which frequencies of light pertain to us. We will explore the language of colour and practice to be in alignment with our true purpose. Because our choices are made from a place of inner calling and superconscious knowing, they reflect a soul choice, not simply a momentary attraction. They are an opening to our potential, our birthright, our gifts and our obligations.

Our afternoon will be dedicated to building the link between our personal experience and our work as educators. For every person but for a teacher in particular, it is essential to understand this process and be able to guide students toward a greater understanding of themselves and toward expressing their potential in the world.

Mandala Workshop – 21 October

This workshop will be linked to the Aura-Soma workshop since we will create our mandalas(geometrical patterns) based on the colour combination choices from the previous day. The way colours are just different frequencies of the light, various shapes and forms are also just different frequencies of a transcendental formless essence.

We will dive into the world of shapes and forms and invite the sacred shape of our heart to the surface of the white paper. We will learn how and where to infuse the colours of our already made choices. An amazing process of “shaping” our life will unfold in front of our eyes. Many surprises and unexpected turns will add excitement to this adventure. After the predominantly analytical process of the previous day, this one would be of an integrating nature. It will also lead us to an understanding of how to manifest, materialize, embody and bring the wisdom from the soul sphere into here and now.

The afternoon will serve as a platform for networking, cooperation, sharing, being of service to the community. This is also an important aspect of the educational process.


Trainer of this workshop-training is Tatjana Popov from Switzerland
Tatjana is an educator and the former director of Sunshine progressive school for early childhood education. She has a passion for beauty and creative enterprises; especially music, dance and colour.

group picture workshop mandala
Tatjana Popov training Aura Soma Mandala

Download flyer from the training[English].

flyer link training Aura-soma and mandala
Download flyer from the workshop Aura-soma and mandala [English].
For this workshop, registration is required.