Social Permaculture design course

leaflet permacultuur training den bosch november 2017
Social permaculture design training – den Bosch

Date A: nov 4-11 2017
Date B: feb 2018
Time: 9:00 – 18:00
Location: Den Bosch, NL
language: English
Attending: email Rakesh Rootsman Rak

Fully certified course (certified by Permaculture Association Britain) will delve deep into how we can use permaculture to create rich beneficial relationships between people, communities and their surroundings, including how to grow food, build houses and create economies, while also enriching and taking care of nature.

Special emphasis will be put in creating a temporary community for the duration of the course, where we use social permaculture tools to make sure everyone’s needs are met, so we can all enjoy living together in a joyful, supportive learning environment.

This 90-hour experiential workshop runs in two sections with part A being in November and the second part in February. Each week is spread over 8 days, with one day off in between.
Teaching will be in English.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design system for creating abundance in all aspects of our lives. Permaculture teaches us how to build natural homes, grow our own food, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, catch rainwater, build communities, take care of waste and much more.

The ultimate goal is to create systems that create abundance for all humans, creatures and mother earth, without exploitation of humans, animals or earth’s non-renewable resources.

With permaculture insight we can design our inner tranquillity, it can be applied to creating integrated and supportive communities, building or retrofitting houses to be more energy efficient, creating ethical businesses and livelihoods, as well as creating rich abundant low maintenance food growing spaces.

PDC Course Syllabus

Part 1

Day 1 –  [Sat 4th Nov] – Introduction to social permaculture and collaborative decision making (sociocracy).
Day 2 – [Sun 5th Nov] – Introduction to social permaculture.
Day 3&4 – [6th&7th Nov] – Water management, plants and soil and permaculture design, with hands on.
Day 5 –  [Tue 8th Nov] – Day off
Day 6-8  – [9th-11th Nov] – More on soil, plants, and design, with hands on.

Part 2 [TBC Feb 2018] Day 1 – Introduction to forest garden design.
Day 2 – One-day permaculture in practice (day long hands on practicals). This is a one-day session that is also open to the public.
Day 3 – Designing and retrofitting low impact, energy efficient houses. For the core PDC students only
Day 4 – Day off
Day 5-8 – Urban permaculture; Alternative economies; Livelihoods; Children and youths in permaculture; Teaching permaculture; Design presentations. For the core PDC students only

The cost for the training is based on the gift economy, where participants are invited to contribute what they can afford and are willing to pay. The cost of putting on the course means we need to raise on average €290 per person FOR ALL 14 DAYS

Partially attending:

 (For those who cannot make the full course)

Nov 4 is a stand alone one day introduction to sociocracy (collaborative decision making), which is now fast becoming the tool of choice for collaborative working throughout the world

Nov 5 is a stand alone one day introduction to social permaculture

Nov 9 evening talk on outdoor classrooms and ‘children and permaculture, open to public.

You can attend either of these sessions

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