Focus-training 2018

The Lotus Focus training for teachers lays a foundation to be confidently able to teach from wisdom and trust. The aim of the training is to develop your empathic and altruistic qualities and 21-st century skills; so that a positive impulse can be given to the challenges you face in the classroom. The training focuses on self-awareness and increased relational awareness.

Every human has a natural need for growth. On an individual level we need to express ourselves fully through work, movement, feeling, creating, thinking, reflecting, making decisions, and so on, in order to experience happiness. This need for happiness is the most important motive in life, which cannot be deflated by material possession.

Lotus uses philosophy as a basic source of inspiration to influence attitude, behaviour, action, and style of teaching since the formation of personality requires profound attention.

Date’s & Modules: Focus training 2018-2019 [Dutch]

13 okt. Kennis van groeiprocessenYolande Koning
27 nov. Wie ben ik (I am)Tonke Kuijt / Yolande Koning
316 jan.Verbinding met de maatschappijTonke Kuijt / Timot. Rammelt
413 feb.BalansElly v. Musscher & Judith v. Gendt
520 mrt.Gezondheid en positief levenKushuMita / didi Djoti
617 aprilGroei naar subtiliteit en fijngevoeligheidLian van den Goorbergh / Ada Merz
715 meiLeiderschap en expressieLisette Smulders / Yolande Koning
812 jun.Prout & SociocratieAda Merz/ Timot. Rammelt
2,5 uur per module - incl. pauze. Woensdag middag 13:30 uur

For whom?
These training courses are intended for:

  • Student-teachers who need to complement their curriculum with regard to intuitive development and development of self-awareness.
  • Trainers who train other adults. For those teachers who are aspiring to educational innovation. You can make the difference. Inspiration and challenge with regard to leadership qualities from an always continuous growth process and the mission to be able to implement these in practice in the workplace within childcare organizations, organizations for primary education and regional training centres.
  • People who are (or want to be) involved in profiling vision within education and innovation processes.
  • Students who wish to take an additional part-time course to become a neohumanist teacher.

Introduction workshops are given free of charge. This is an excellent opportunity to experience whether this training can mean something to the participant.