Mind for life – Education evolution

Date:16 November 2018
Time: 19:30-22:30
Location: Lotus Den Bosch, NL
Language: English & Dutch
Price: free – notify via email

Teachers are agents for change – in moving towards education for a bright future. Educators play a vital role in ‘the movement of society’. Clarifying our role and purpose in global change and awakening is necessary; as well as associating with allies and partners and moving together.

We invite educational professionals to participate in an inspirational evening about futures for education. The chosen work form (process) for the evening is a spiral-form. From broad working towards centred/focused. The purpose for the evening is to get from realisation towards action.

Intended outcomes:

* setting (personal) goals
* forming (collective) action projects
* inspiration for education

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Inspiring summer evenings at Lotus

We open our doors on three Fridays in the summer months. We invite a select group of people for two summer evenings in Den Bosch. Evenings that can bring you much more than any other.

Contribute, receive, reflect, dance and create, get acquainted with new ways of working and ideas. We use open-space technology for this. After the summer we open our doors to all interested parties every month on Friday nights.

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Team Lotus

– Next inspiration evening @Lotus is 28 September 2018 19:30uur!
The inspiration evening “educational reform” is planned for 16 November 19:30

Leadership Matters ~ November 2018

Date:November 2018
Time: 9 – 18 hours – 14-17 November
Location: Den Bosch, Netherlands
Language: English
Price: €450,-

The spirit of leading – the art of leadership

This workshop and training series explores leadership as an art form which engages us both as individuals and also communities. It moves through four stages looking at leadership contexts, exploring tools for leading (and following), recognises that leaders are many and varied and that understanding our leadership style is key to facilitating strong compassionate leading and turns finally on the last day to the calling of leadership in the 21st Century.

The workshop recognises that leadership has a spiritual dimension and that this element of leadership is often not recognised in leadership studies. Consequently, this workshop brings in specific terms from the yogic tradition to stimulate reflection on leading. It also includes daily meditation sessions to charge our days with a spiritual flow. One aspect that is key to this workshop series is the role that the collective plays in leader development. Positive leadership works on developing one’s internal reflective abilities along with a deep commitment to serving the world.

Leadership Matters; 21st Century Visions and Capacities Article

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Children in Permaculture 10 & 11 Feb. 2018

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A fresh, innovative approach to ecological education in the early years

    • Are you inspiring or educating children between 3-12 years old (as a teacher, parent, grandparent, child-care worker, etc)?
    • Do you love nature and want to find ways to share that passion with children?
    • Are you concerned about the future of the planet and want to be part of long-term, sustainable solutions?

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