Inspiration nights by Lotus

Inspiration nights by Lotus
We open our doors to all interested parties to get acquainted with inspiration evenings in Den Bosch. Evenings that can bring you much more than any other.

Have you ever danced for a better world?
What stimulates you in "mind for life" and being human?
Or do you like to discover the world in the lotus studio?

Contribute, receive, reflect, dance and create, get to know new ways of working and ideas.
About Open Space Technology at inspiration nights.

Be prepared to be surprised! Open Space Technology is in fact a simple way to communicate more effectively and productively in a group of people. It contrasts sharply with a traditional meeting form because of the quality of the outcomes and the speed of achieving results. Open Space Technology is free. Nobody owns it. It is effective in achieving maximum engagement with the participants and productive through little visible action by a facilitator. Through shortcuts to deepening and understanding and a free and open form.

Of particular importance in Open Space Technology is the use of intuition – your intuition. Everyone has intuition, but some of us hardly ever notice it. And if we do notice, we often don't trust it as a guide in a conversation with a group of people. In Open Space Technology, you can rediscover the power of this hidden intuitive gem in group communication.

Open Space Technology in four simple steps:

Start in a circle
Creating a bulletin board
Open a marketplace
Get to work

This text about OST is a free interpretation of the work of Harrison Owen "Open Space Technology – A User's Guide".  2008

If you want to experience Open Space Technology in practice, come to one of the freely accessible Lotus inspiration nights in Den Bosch. If you want to be invited in advance, subscribe to our newsletter – or sign up for one of the inspiration evenings.

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