Three-day training for teachers

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Date(s) - 02/27/2020 - 02/29/2020
08:30 - 17:30

Lotus Training - Big Hall


The essence of the teacher – Three-day training for teachers at the Lotus Teacher Training Centre, Netherlands

This winter a dynamic and playfull three-day Teacher-training takes place at February 27-29. This event is organized for a group of forty teachers … and if you already work in daycare or a school, you can be part of that immersive journey! The program is open to every (aspiring) teachers for children age 0-12.

The teacher trainings derive from 30 years of teacher training at Zonnelicht, in Den Bosch. This rich tradition of three-day teacher training events every year is a boost for everyone that participates. Last year’s event was facilitated by the sister organization Lotus-Training and had the title “Spiritual Leadership”.  This year the topic is “The essence of the Teacher”.

The event consisted of two simultaneous program paths: The program path for the new teachers, and a program path for more experienced teachers. In the program for new teachers, the focus is on learning about  fundamental aspects of educational philosophy. The more experienced teachers are involved in several workshops and lectures with a focus on the teacher as a role-model and teaching and working from authenticity and core values.

Besides these focuses, the program includes many shared elements for individual and collective growth. In addition to a variety of workshops, (training) activities and presentations, there is space to feel oneness through kiirtan and meditation, and teachers had the opportunity to learn or review a personal meditation practices.

To make this multi-day event possible, Didi Ananda Devapriya and Satya Tanner arrive from Romania and Denmark to support this immersive journey.

Why the essence of the Teacher?

After last year’s Leadership training, this year is all about essence… What does it mean to be a teacher… and what does this child or situation asks from me.

According to Yolande Koning, Director of Zonnelicht KDV:

“It is important that the teachers get the confidence to shine and stand for who they are… this asks for inner reflection on the role as a teacher. This is important for the individual teachers who experience much more freedom in this way, it’s important for the children that they guide, and it’s also important for the development of the organizations they work for.”

“Teachers need to feel inner strength and determination. They need to be able to use that to express their unique individual qualities as a teacher. The teachers also need to be able to maintain their emotional balance in the face of strong adversity.”

The scope was even broader than last year’s topic of Philosophy. It was clear that more leadership was needed to empower the teachers.

This relates to teachers, as an embodiment of the higher purpose—Education for Liberation.

“True teachers empower others to be great. They encourage and praise their accomplishments. Such teachers know that ‘who I am’ does not depend on ‘what I do’, or on titles or positions. As loving parents are proud of the accomplishments of their children, these teachers show joy when others become great, too.”
“Ideal teachers are ‘visionary’, ‘coaching’ and ‘democratic’, and rarely use the less effective ‘pace-setting’ and ‘commanding’ styles.”

This is the aim of the three day teacher training program.

The three-day event/program consisted of several layers:

  • Meditation
  • Live Music
  • Content; topics and workshops
  • Physical exercises
  • Creativity & expression
  • Sattvic Food
    To create a feeling of unity and joy, each day starts with lively games to bring the subject of the day and the teachers to life. After this happy start, theory is discussed or shown in many ways. Thirdly, we look at how this applies to the lives and teachings. This program ends with a collective dinner.

Experiences from last year (random teacher quotes)

“I had to find the best spot for myself in a big hall full of teachers and some of my direct colleagues … being aware of my relationship to them. Becoming aware of these unspoken affinities was a very strong exercise. How you relate to each other inbetween other teachers became visible, touchable almost. Incredible! Why would anybody like to stand in the shadow of another teacher? It was very fascinating to be aware of this process and to find the best spot for myself in the Sun.”

“For me personally this was by far the best training in years; and I see many teachers have grown in their leadership.”

“I got a lot of personal inspiration, mostly visible in small things. I decided to go a little earlier to my work in the next week, to be better prepared. These small things make all the difference.”

“There was a lot of diversity in the program… it was breathing. The Djembè drums were really great.”

“The training gave insight into my own state of being. One example is a game we played about finding your own true self by choosing between a type of person (being an entrepreneur or a fighter) with supplementary characteristics that were spread around a room. I experienced some difficulties since I recognized myself in more than one type of person. The game continued by walking around the same room and writing down characteristics that I aspire to for the future. This gave me clarification into which type of person I want to be and which supplementary characteristics I want to develop more.”

Story from Elly:
“Three days to develop with people who are familiar and people new to the education. I was excited and full of attention when Satya quoted … ‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind is a faithful servant. We’ve created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.’ These sentences wake me up and I take them with me on my way.

“To feel connected, Kiirtan and dance / movement are wonderful tools. Musicians playing the drum and dancing and singing as a group opens my heart, and made me feel enlightened and joyful, connected. Mindfulness and meditation, the ‘happify’ video animations, the practice together as well as the individual meditation lesson from Didi. It was rich to share and it fed me. I met beautiful people, looked at colleagues other eyes.

“Isshta, I now know the meaning, but how do I write it? The way to express and to make clear to people who never heard of it…. Playful learning by singing songs with movements and gestures. The awareness of love and compassion made me glow in the dark”.

“Let’s go back to where I started…….The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind a faithful servant. This training, or as we call it, development, has awoken my intuitive mind. I mean it was already there but needed a wakeup call.”

“In the days after the training there was a very special atmosphere with my colleagues, We were singing the newly learned songs to the young children. And our eyes shined brighter than I saw before. In me there is a deep wish to participate in the Leadership Training, to learn, to teach, to build together. Namaskar”


It is not possible to make reservations for this event anymore.