Leadership Matters ~ 3e editie ~ 2020

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Date(s) - 03/17/2020 - 03/20/2020
08:30 - 17:00

Lotus Training - Big Hall

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<Location: Den Bosch, NL
Language: English

The spirit of leading – the art of leadership
3rd edition of the english workshop; the spirit of leadership in action – transformative leadership. This workshop and trainingseries explores leadership as an art form; a way that involves us as individuals and as a community in growth. For example, the growth you need to take on a leading role within your current network or work. But also the growth towards a leadership role within a new environment. Because the world around us is changing faster and faster and because leadership is shaping that world, there are bigger and bigger challenges on your path. Are you ready for that leadership role?

As a leader, it is important to be connected to, and have clarity about, the greater intent of the self and your relationship with the greater whole. Clarity about your personal calling, vision and values is vital in this regard. Your relationship to the world is of great importance as a leader. Are you aware of your connection with the world around you or are you emotionally more at the mercy of life’s events? Do you feel that you can keep on growing in this way as a leader?

What can you expect?

  • vier intensive training days full of leadership workshops
  • maximum 15 international participants
  • two dedicated leadership trainers
  • participants push the limits of their leadership and imagination
  • workshops with lots of action and reflection; therefore a transformative character

The workshop follows through four phases in which the leadership context is explored and practiced in different ways and at different levels. Tools for leaders (and followers) are explored and utilized. Leadership forms are numerous and varied; and insight into our leadership style is key to facilitating strong compassionate leadership. The Leadership Matters workshop is a four-day process that builds up in intensity and eventually, on the last day, turns into the calling of leadership in the 21st century…. and your personal leadership challenge.

The workshop also recognizes that leadership has a spiritual dimension and that this element of leadership is often not recognized in leadership learning. Therefore, this workshop also brings specific terms from the yoga tradition to stimulate reflection on leadership. It therefore includes daily introspection meditation sessions.
Another aspect that is central to this series of workshops is the role that the collectivity plays in the development of leaders. Positive leadership works to develop a person’s internal capacity for reflection together with a deep commitment to serve the world.

Leadership Matters; Visies en Capaciteiten van de 21e eeuw Artikel mei 2019

New Take on Leadership Training A report on “Leadership Matters”

“Empowering, inspiring and hopeful” are the first things that come to mind when I think about LM. I most loved the dancing and acting to step out of my comfort zone and show what I have to offer. My experience of flow in these four days was free, without judgement, inspiring and focused on the development and on seeing all the opportunities to do that. For me, the workshop was very much connected and relevant to where I am now and where I need to go. It helped me see in perspective what I am doing. It helped me to take a step back, see what I am doing and what I want to be doing. So that I can make a plan for how to get there.

The main things I learned are all the different examples of leadership and the insight into how leadership builds. These examples exposed me to how I could start to show more leadership in my work. This workshop really helped me to be more balanced, focused and clear in what is essential in my work. I feel the impact of that every day still.

Day 1 - ContextDay 2 - ToolsDay 3 - StyleDay 4 - The Calling
Session 1The Grammar - InterPlayValue Based LeadershipLeadership ArchetypesThe Future
Session 2The IssuesFollowersPersonal AuthorityNew Stories
Session 3The Cosmic StorySelf NurturanceThe MessageConstructive Hope
Session 4Home: Micro-MacroPurpose and ServiceHolistic LeadershipCo-Creation

Leadership as an artform - the spirit of leadership

Huub’s Story

I had no expectations of LM, and to be frank, this way of learning was more helpful and better than I could have expected. LM was a very free workshop, unlike other classroom workouts that I have attended before. Compared to (workshops with) tables in tight rows, listening, receiving too much information and doing very little, LM was so much better!

I now have a new view of ‘beneficial’ leadership. By discussing the topics in groups, we learned a lot from each other. This discussion gave me a lot of new insights.
One of the things I learned is that a good leader is an example for others, without any self-interest. The leader gives a good example by doing, not by conducting. Working together is the key. By putting into practice what I have learned, I notice that I’m now doing much better than before.

# Is your leadership style attuned to the moment at hand, and what’s needed of you?
# Does anything need to be changed or improved to lead more effectively into the unknown?
# What actions can be taken to course-correct and show up in a better way for your organization?
# What perspectives would benefit your decision-making?

Are you a leader who realizes that a future-proof world and a positive transition begins with your leadership? Then sign up now for Leadership Matters! ( at the bottom of this page)

Trainer: Lisette Smulders

Lisette worked in health care for almost 20 years of which 11 years as an experienced team coach. As a team coach, she was responsible for working methodically and process-wise within teams and improving business operations.
The last seven years she works as a personal coach at the Daycare Centre “Het Zonnelicht”. In her role as care coordinator and coach, she is supportive to the teacher, child and parents in care. Lisette has a lot of experience in the field of personal development and coaching, and her motto is: “without friction no shine!”

Mission and passion of Lisette are to bring people into contact with their strengths and potential (empowerment). Lisette uses various creative expression methods to get you in the zone of growth. Your power becomes visible in moments when you are ultimately in your element.
Questions like:

  •  Do you often do something based on your talent and what are your abilities regarding leadership?
  • Are you aware of your inner potential?
  • How can you optimally use your potential?
  • What is holding you back?
  • What do you need to live to your fullest potential?

Those are key questions from Lisette’s coaching and training – and they are a cornerstone in the Leadership Matters program.Lisette is looking forward to meeting and assisting you in Leadership Matters very much.

Trainer: Dr. Marcus Bussey

Dr Marcus Bussey is Senior Lecturer in History and Futures at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. He is a futurist and researcher with the Arts Research in the Creative Humanity’s Centre and also a member of the university’s Sustainability Research Centre. He coordinates the Higher Degree programme for the School of Social Sciences. He works on cultural processes that energise social transformation. He uses futures thinking to challenge the dominant beliefs and assumptions that constrain human responses to rapid cultural, social and technological change.

Marcus has co-authored with Professor Richard Slaughter Futures Thinking for Social Foresight (2005). He has also co-edited two books with Sohail Inayatullah and Ivana Milojević – Neohumanist Educational Futures (2006) and Alternative Educational Futures (2008). In addition he has edited Tantric Women Tell their Stories (2007) and published a book of poetry Clare and Francis (2012). Marcus has held fellowships at Nanyang Technical University, Singapore and Tamkang University, Taiwan. He is currently Discipline Head of History and Program Leader in Futures Studies at his university. Marcus is on the editorial boards for the Journal of Futures Studies, Foresight, and On the Horizons. His book of poetry Clare and Francis has just been translated into Bengali by Professor Meera Chakravorty. More information on Marcus


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