Knowledge centre

Lotus knowledge centre

Our knowledge centre for 21 century education focuses on personal development, education and social innovations. The knowledge centre supports the various Lotus training courses and educational programs with content and substantiation. Scientifically substantiated or qualitatively indicated, depending on the chosen subject. Digitally, with video and on paper, information from the past decades has been collected in our knowledge centre; especially in the field of meditation, self-awareness, childcare, education and training.

Knowledge centre Lotus

What we do

From our knowledge centre and children’s daycare we organise:

  • Access to the library of the knowledge centre
  • Guidance or advice during information-search
  • Multimedia learning opportunities for children and adults
  • Organizing and offering of specific teaching materials and other knowledge products.
  • Sharing knowledge with other organisations that work with children
  • Inspiration and movie nights for interested parties

For whom we do this

  • Organizations that work with children
  • Teachers working in childcare or education
  • Individuals with a request for information or support within our field of knowledge
  • Social innovators and innovative organisations
  • Parents

Topics in which you can find further insights with us:

  • Meditation, meditation training and its effects
  • International developments in education (innovation)
  • Development of (self)awareness
  • The functioning of the brain and its connection to the body (glands/hormones/feelings etc.)
  • Effects of Yoga on body and mind
  • The layered structure of the mind
  • To support babies and toddlers in their development
  • Education and education philosophy
  • Sociocratie en Permacultuur
  • Lifestyle and healthy lifestyle changes
  • Media en opvoeding
  • Parenting support
  • Social contribution (Service-learning)
  • Love, security and safety in schooling
  • Games and gaming practices
  • Dance, theatre and free expression
  • Spirituality as central part of a fulfilling life
  • Classical knowledge about education (Greek/Chinese/Indian etc.)
  • Personal strength and leadership
  • Education and teaching methods such as Montessori, Anthroposophy, Neohumanist Education and Outdoor Education.

If you would like to gather more information or knowledge about one of these topics, or if you are looking for support for a curriculum or an informative program, please feel free to
contact us. Or make an appointment and drop by in Den Bosch. We will then examine what we can do for you.