About Lotus Training

Tailored education and teacher training

The current economic, political and social changes in society require a vision concerning the empathic functioning of mankind. A holistic perspective on the development of human potential plays an essential role in this vision; as it has become clear that the development of rational faculties alone is not sufficient for a futureproof society.

‘The heart is the energy source of love for life. The child is still unprejudiced -open to the wealth of life- full of admiration. An ideal education system is aimed at learning to experience life by playing with it, wondering about it, thinking about it and thereby arriving at an inner certainty alongside an intellectual insight.’

Paul de Blot SJ – honorary professor of business spirituality Nyenrode – sustainability-oriented education

21st-century skills

The training focused on 21st-century skills give teachers and students the tools to deal with the challenges of the future. 21st-century skills are among others:
Empathy, Leadership &, Collaboration, Meaningful Relationships
Self-worth, Autonomy, Critical thinking, ICT-literacy, Learning and innovation skills. Measurement of the 21st-century skills gives an indispensable value scale for, participation, achievement and competitiveness in the global economy and a yardstick for the quality of future human society. Becoming a world-class teacher (implementer) in this field makes you and the students you guide stand out and valuable contributors to the workplace and society.

Learning and innovation skills

“Learning and innovation skills”, the continuous development of knowledge and skills and the reflection on one’s own actions while working in your own field of expertise.
Lotus offers a framework for this development. Groupwise and individual. Through “Permanent Education” teachers work on their qualities and skills. With training such as the Lotus-Focus training and the introductory course in Neohumanist Philosophy, we aim to satisfy the needs of individual teachers.
With the training of trainers [Masterclasses], Lotus provides training for the education of trainers in this field.

In the teachers training, teachers focus and reflect on their personal development. Because a teacher needs this internal focus to be able to grow into a supportive and successful pedagogue with the following qualities:

  • Ecological values and sustainable thinking through responsible relationships.
  • Building meaningful relationships with honest communication and a careful and personal guidance style.
  • Active -social and -multicultural awareness.
  • Recognition of the interconnectedness throughout the world.
  • Willingness to and service towards others as a principle of life.
  • Propagating ethical values in practical applications.
  • Improving teaching methodologies.
  • Healthy living and eating habits (promoting).